Reward Points with Big Shot Supplies Canada

Did you know that we have an awesome rewards program that you will actually benefit from if you purchase items from us regularly! We also have ways to add items to a "Wish List" and get notified if that item goes on sale!

The truth is that you can easily take advantage of our rewards program and earn awesome discounts or store credit to get the items that your business needs at a better price?

Big Shot Supplies Canada wants to reward you for shopping with us, for letting others know your thoughts on our products with 5 star reviews and also for sharing our website with other people. As you can see, we have several ways that you can take advantage and below we have listed all the ways you can do this!

Setting Up An Account - This is the first step to take and you will start getting points right away. In fact, for setting up an account you will get 250 points. 

Birthday Points - When you set up your account be sure to add your birthday and we will make sure to wish you a Happy Birthday through email and we will also give you 250 points on the special day. 

Leave Us A Product Review - Each time you place an order we will send you an email about each product! Simply respond to us with a review on that product and we will send you 250 points. If you include a photo with your review we will automatically add an additional 50 points. Keep in mind, you can scroll through our website at anytime and leave reviews on the products that you are familiar with. As well, on the left side of the screen you can click "Reviews" at any point in time and leave or read a review. These are very easy way to rack up some points and it helps others feel confident when making a purchase. 

Place An Order - Here is where the points really start to add up. Every $1 you spend before taxes you will get 1 point. So if you spent $500 then you have earned 500 points. If you make a big purchase on a soft-wash skid or something similar you could easily have 10,000 points. These points translate into great rewards including up to $250 store credit. Hey, if you are making the order anyways you might as well get the points and earn some FREE or discounted stuff. 

Referral Bonus - When you are on our website and signed into your account you will notice a link on the bottom of any page that you are on that says "Rewards". All you need to do is click the button and the click "Earn Big Shot Rewards". You can then copy/paste the provided link and send this to anyone that you know who might want to shop at our store for the 1st time. Feel free to send this out through email or any social media platforms. If the person that you send the link to uses the link then you will get a $25 credit and the new customer will get $25 off their purchase when placing their first order of at least $250. 

Spending Your Points - Here is what your points will get you!

10,000 points - $250 to spend on anything in the store

6,000 points - 15% OFF Soaps & Nozzles

4,500 points - 10% OFF Soaps & Nozzles

3,000 points - 5% OFF Soaps & Nozzles


How To Use The "Wish List" Feature

On the left side of any screen while on our site you can click the "Wish List" button at any time while you are logged into your account. At this point you can create and name a specific list. For example, you could call the list "Soft Washing Trailer Build" and then add all of the items that you would like to have on that build into your list so you can look back at later when you are ready to make the order. Plus, you will receive an email if any of the items on your list happen to go on sale. Now let's say you have multiple trailers or vehicles and you want to organize them individually. You can create multiple list and add the items to the individual list as you see fit. You could even give your employees access to add the items into the list while they are working in the field. This is definitely a feature that you can use to help organize yourself and your team.

We hope this information will help you better understand just how easy it is to take advantage of our really awesome rewards program that we have created to give back and say "Thank-You" to all of our customers. At Big Shot Supplies Canada we work very hard to "Set The New Standard In Canada" when it comes to Soft-Washing, Pressure Washing, Supplies, Soaps & Training.





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