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Agent Green (1 Gallon)  - Chlorine Enhancer

Agent Green (1 Gallon) - Chlorine Enhancer

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Agent Green is a high-quality chlorine enhancer, surfactant, and mild scent cover. It is an ideal soap additive for soft washing mixes, and can be used for both house siding and roofs. Designed with practicality and efficiency in mind, this product reinforces bleach washes, aiding in cleaning power and effectiveness. 

Also available in 5X Formula! One gallon of Agent Green 5X makes five gallons of standard Agent Green solution.


HOUSE WASH: Agent Green Only

X-Jet: 2-4 oz per 5 gallon*
10:1 Downstream: 8-10 oz per 5 gallon
ProPortioner: 2 on dial

Agent Green can be mixed with Secret Agent and/or Agent Blue for a potent house wash mix.

HOUSE WASH: Cocktail

X-Jet 5 Gallon:
2 oz Agent Green
2 oz Agent Blue
1 oz Secret Agent

Downstreamer 10:1 5 Gallon:
3 oz Agent Green
3 oz Agent Blue
2 oz Secret Agent


Mix Batch: 16 oz per 25 gallon mix
ProPortioner: 3-4 on dial depending on stain level

For cold weather, add to any SH mix to boost cleaning power. For a potent roof wash, use 50/50 Secret Agent and Agent Green.

Pro Tip: Use Agent Green to boost the effectiveness of your Sodium Hypochlorite. Can be used in low temperatures or warmer temperatures to help SH work more efficiently. 

Available in:

  • One gallon
  • five gallon

*wide open x-jet, no proportioner tip

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