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Oxalic Acid 2 Pack

Oxalic Acid 2 Pack

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2 pcs. 7 lbs. Oxalic Acid Pails.


Oxalic Acid comes in a powder form and can be mixed with water to perform several purposes. We recommend using a mallet to break down any clumps, mix initially with warm water then fill remainder of mix with cold water.  In the washing industry we typically use it for:

Wood Brightening, Rust Removal, Fertilizer Stains, Neutralizing after using Sodium Hypochlorite & also for Concrete Brightening. 

Recommended Ratios:

Concrete Brightening & Rust Removal - Great results can happen at ratios as low as 1oz per gallon for concrete brightening. For Rust & Fertilizer Stain Removal dissolve 9oz per gallon with multiple applications if necessary.

Wood Brightening & Neutralizing - Dissolve 3oz per gallon and let dwell for 5 to 10 minutes or until desired brightness is achieved. For Downstream Injection dissolve 9oz per gallon with a dwell time of up to 15 minutes or until desired brightness is achieved. 

Download SDS sheet Here