Soft-Wash Training Canada (1 on 1) (Private)

Soft-Wash Training Canada (1 on 1) (Private)

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Take advantage of this opportunity to enhance your existing skills or learn something brand new. We offer Soft Washing, Pressure Washing, Exterior Cleaning, Christmas Lights & Snow Removal & Salting Training. We will custom build 1 full day around the items that you are looking to get training on.

Are you considering flying or travelling to Langley, B.C from far away and want to book in 2 days? Click HERE to see our 2 day training rates.

Choose from:

  1. Soft-Washing (Houses, buildings etc)
  2. Wood Restoration (Decks, fences etc)
  3. Gutter Cleaning
  4. Roof Soft Washing (All types of roofs)
  5. Window Washing with Reach-it WFP equipment
  6. Surface Cleaning
  7. Learning Soaps & Acids
  8. Christmas Light Installation
  9. Snow Removal & Salting 
  10. Plus many more options

*We will teach you exactly how to Soft Wash using a Downstream Injector, X-Jet, 12 Volt and Electric Booster Pump using a Pro-Portioner System.

At the end of the training you will also receive:

  1. Price Sheet
  2. Templates to use to set up your own quotes
  3. A list of all the softwares to use to run your business
  4. A spreadsheet that you can use to track your leads
  5. Start of job, during job and completion of job staff checklist
  6.  Christmas Light or Snow Removal & Salting documents (If Applicable)
  7. Plus any other specific documents that you desire that we have. 

Cost is displayed in the drop down menu and is based on 1-3 people attending. 

Training takes place in Langley, BC and you must arrange you own accommodations.