Dangerous Goods Shipping

Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act, 1992

No person shall import, offer for transport, handle or transport any dangerous goods unless

(a) the person complies with all safety requirements and security requirements that apply under the regulations;

(b) the goods are accompanied by all documents that are required under the regulations;

(c) a means of containment is used for the goods that is required or permitted under the regulations; and

(d) the means of containment and means of transport comply with all safety standards that apply under the regulations and display all applicable safety marks in accordance with the regulations.

Due to worldwide regulations that are enforced by Transport Canada, Big Shot Supplies is required to have staff trained in Dangerous Goods (DG) shipping and to ship certain soaps that are regulated by Transport Canada (TC) as Dangerous Goods items.

In order to stay compliant Big Shot Supplies is also required to use a carrier that is certified to ship DG items.  All carriers issue a DG surcharge in order to do so.

All items that ship as DG have a notification at the beginning that states:

*Due to Transport Canada regulations dangerous goods shipments have additional carrier fees incorporated into shipping charges at checkout*

To maximise your dollar when DG shipping it’s advisable to do all your DG shipping in one cart if possible.  Additional non-DG items are fine.  The moment one DG item is included the surcharge will be applied by the courier company.  There is one DG surcharge for each shipment that contains even just one DG item.

For instance, if you make 2 orders in one week it will cost you more if both contain DG material than if the first cart contained all your DG material and the last did not contain any DG.

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