Exceeding Expectations On Multi Day Washing Jobs

It has become second nature for customers to consider hiring professional pressure washing, soft washing and exterior cleaning companies due to many factors and here are a few of the obvious ones:

  • The lack of time to do the work them selves.
  • How big houses and buildings are being built these days.
  • More and more people moving into multi family housing and that "1 Person" is getting tired of doing all the work - all the time.
  • The amazing marketing efforts of professional washing companies.
  • The fact that professional washing companies can achieve such a good finished product in a fraction of the time.
  • People want to enjoy their lives more and not do everything themselves.
  • Its just plain hard work, its dirty and is very dangerous.
The list of reasons why they want to hire you could go on forever and the truth is with these types of multi day jobs there is a simple thing that you can do to help separate your self from the other companies that ultimately will be bidding on the same work that you are. In order to do this you will need to first understand the concerns of your customer plus point out several concerns that they may not have thought about and have a plan in place to make this information available to them at the right time and presented in an organized manner.  

Two simple things that you can do is provide your customer with a document that describes the expectations of the job and also a site map that will indicate the areas that you will be washing each day. This will give them the peace of mind that their concerns will be addressed and also that they will know exactly what areas will be cleaned each day with no surprises.

On top of this we also update them through email at the end of each shift to let them know what work was actually done and if there are any concerns or changes that need to be made for the next day. 

The keys to separate yourself from the competition is as easy as providing them with the following 5 items. 

  1. "Notice Of Work" document that they can post in a common area a few days before the job for all of the tenants to have access to and help them get better prepared. 
  2. "Site Map" for the customer to again post in a common area that outlines the scope of work for each day that you will be working on the washing project. 
  3. An email update to the customer at the end of each day that outlines what work actually got completed and any concerns or changes that may need to be made for the following days of the project. 
  4. Contact info to your companies "Site Leader" who's job during the project is to simply ensure that the job goes smooth and to answer any questions or concerns from tenants on site. 
  5. Have a crew pre-booked for a specific day after the job is complete to take care of any callbacks, damage or areas missed. 

The best way to do this and have it be effective is to let the potential customer know this information ahead of time or at the time of submitting the quote to them. This is also a great way to achieve a higher ticket value since they may still consider your company for the work even if you are significantly higher priced than the competition because they will understand that your company will give them a much better overall experience with no surprises.

So what you need to do is:

  1. Include all of the information about what your company is willing to do for them based on the 5 steps listed above and display this info on your website so that potential customers can read about this when they are deciding which company they are going to ask to provide a quote for them.
  2. a) Create a blog that goes into greater detail about the "Little Things" that your company will do for them if they choose you for their multi day washing job. b) Link this blog to the literature in your website c) Post the blog link in your social media d) send the blog out as a mass email to your current contacts e) create an email template in your CRM that you use specifically when sending quotes out for multi day jobs. ***Remember, blogs do not increase your SEO if nobody actually reads them so be sure to share them everywhere.
  3. "Notice Of Work" document completed, templated and saved on your computer ahead of time so that you can just edit it for each job once it is approved and send it to your contact for them to post it up in a few common areas a few days prior to the job. 
  4.  Request a "Site Map" from your customer or screenshot a satellite image from Google on your own and edit the map to show which areas you will complete each day.
  5. At the end or near the end of each shift you can quickly send an email that summarizes what work was completed and any concerns or changes that will need to be made for the following day. Set a calendar reminder in your phone ahead of time that reminds the person responsible for this and hold them accountable. If you are delegating this work then have them CC you in the email that they send out to the customer.
  6. Make a business card with a QR code to your Google Reviews page and drop it off to every single door of where you are working and wait for 100s of reviews to hopefully pour in. Then simply follow through with what you say that you are going to do and blow their expectations away!

Follow these steps and put a plan in place today to show your potential customers that you know exactly how to handle these big jobs and let them also know that you understand that it's not just about doing the actual work but also how the work gets done. If you can be organized and a few steps in front of any situation then the customer is more likely to give you referrals and also have you come back to do more work for them. In todays age its very hard to find a company who still takes pride in their work, who is very organized and also goes the extra mile so it makes sense that people will pay a little extra if they believe that is what they will receive! When you do an exceptional job onsite and have extremely good communication it will allow the person who hired you to also look good in front of their peers, friends or co-workers. Do yourself and your a business a favour and blow away your customers expectations and don't feel bad about being better than the competition. After all, thats what is expected anyway. 



  • Hey Colin, great article!

    Super practical and useful stuff that we already think about but don’t actually implement. Thanks for the post, I’ll be sharing with the team!

    Bryce Clark

    FUSE Power Washing
  • Great blog, love the part about the site map. We will incorporate this into our business and communication strategy for our site supers!!

    Jared Brotzel

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