Honda iGX series

We often get the question:

"What is the difference between the iGX700 and the GX690?"

The iGX engines are the same as the GX engines, have the same footprint as existing models - easy to convert from GX630/690 to iGX700/800, only with newer, advanced electronic engine controls. These main differences being:

Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI), which detects the state of the engine using sensors supplies the optimum amount of fuel to the engine according to its working conditions. EFI Improves fuel economy, reduces exhaust gas, and achieves excellent usability and easy maintenance. Electronic Fuel Injection eliminates the need for a manual choke, making starting simple. In addition, starting is improved as the fuel is sealed within the injector and fuel hose reducing fuel deterioration, and making smooth engine startup possible even after long-term storage. Integrated Capacitive Digital Ignition (CDI) with variable timing results in excellent fuel efficiency and enhanced operation

STR Governor (Self Tuning Regulator) minimizes engine RPM droop seen with traditional mechanical governor systems by electronically regulating the throttle opening to maintain constant, stable engine speed even under changing load conditions, resulting in exceptional performance and enhanced user satisfaction.

Drive-By-Wire unlike conventional models, iGX models have no throttle cable. An ECU controls a throttle motor via an electrical signal. Ideal throttle control is possible, from conventional type user-operated throttle control, to a variety of automatic controls by the ECU.

Control panel mounted LED indicator informs the user about potential problems using 10 different trouble codes. The indicator is designed to stop the engine, or alert the operator of potential issues, helping to protect and extend engine life.

Engine diagnosis utilizes Dr. H. software, linked via USB to tablet or PC for quick repairs.


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