How Do I Get More Jobs Soft-Washing?

This is a common question. You’ve got your new pressure washing rig, but the phone is not ringing. What do you do? How do you get more jobs?  

I have had my pressure washing business for 5 years now. Last year we completed a little over 1000 jobs and we are able to get jobs by pulling certain marketing levers. I believe in direct response marketing. I believe in getting a 10X return on marketing in any avenue you do. For example, spending $100 on Facebook and booking a $300 job is not a good return. Too many people have this confused.  

When you start your business you either have more money or more time. 95% of the time, entrepreneurs starting in pressure washing have more time than money. These are my best low-cost marketing methods to get your phone ringing to success:  

When you are starting your business I would focus on these marketing methods: 

     1. Google My Business - Collect as many Google reviews as you can and         regularly  update your GMB page with photos and updates  
  1. Signs - Get lawn signs up in your territory as well as leave a small stake sign behind each job (of course with the client’s permission)  
  2. Social Media - Regular updates to your Instagram and Facebook on a daily basis showcasing your work, reviews, your team, or your involvement in the community 
  3.  5 Arounds - Deliver flyers to the 5 neighbours around the home that you are  cleaning. This will help build social proof that you have already washed the  neighbours house  
  4. Strategic Partnerships - Network with other home services business owners in your service area (Painting, Roofing, HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Lawn Care etc.  etc.)  

These methods are what I believe the best low-cost marketing methods. It is important to remember once you get clients, to FOLLOW-UP with your clients. So many service owners forget this. It is true that the fortune is in the follow-up. Follow up with your clients multiple times per year via phone and email and mail outs.  

We book hundreds of thousands of dollars of work every year just by following up with our past customers. Your current book of business is an absolute gold mine so do not disregard it! Also, it should go without saying you need to do a great job servicing your clients if these marketing methods are going to work. If you do poor work, you can expect to have next to no referrals, therefore stunting the growth of your business.  

Remember, that building your business takes time. You need to be consistent in your marketing action steps. Having reliable pressure equipment definitely helps you grow faster but it’s the marketing initiatives that you take that will build your business and get your phone ringing. 

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I wish you success in your marketing efforts this season.  

-David Moerman  

Home Service Business Coach  

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