How Long Do 12 Volt Pumps Last When You Run Chlorine through Them?

These 12 Volt pumps are made with materials better suited to withstand chemicals. That being said, the introduction of chlorine in any environment can have varying results. Our washing division uses Flojet 12 Volt Pumps on our trucks and have had them last 5+ years. On the flip side, there are definitely instances where these pumps have died after a few months. Unfortunately, the variabilities with chlorine make it difficult to accurately forecast the life span of these pumps, and for that reason are not warrantied. With proper care such as rinsing them out with fresh water after each use, and affixing them semipermanently to a surface to eliminate moving them around and loosening components, definitely helps prolong their life. In comparison to other options, these pumps are relatively inexpensive to replace, and having a backup on hand to swap out in the field is a good idea as well. 

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