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Reach-it Brushes

There are 5 main types of brushes available and each type comes with a variety of sizes. Size matters when you are trying to clean glass fast because the more glass you can cover at a time, then the less time you will spend cleaning it. Plus, with how easy it is to switch brush heads and the ability to have extra brushes on your tool belt, you will be able to make the switch quickly without wasting valuable time. The BIGGEST advantage though is the "Radial Technique" which we will explain more about below.

Radial Lite - This brush is designed for HIGH SPEED REGULAR CLEANING with a SINGLE ACTION as you AGITATE on the up-stroke, RINSE on the down-stroke.

Radial Brush

With 4 rows of bristles, Radial Lite is the ideal brush for storefronts and rope access (where applicable), and other route external window cleaning. With Radial bristles in the end caps, you will be cleaning the corners more efficiently than any other brush on the market. Radial Lite is also suitable for use on lower-cost flexible poles that are not rigid enough for our heavier-duty Radial Brush, or poles made with less layers of carbon fiber to make them lightweight.

Unlike the other Radial Brushes that use a higher flow rate, Radial Lite only needs 1/3GPM (1.5 LPM) flow rate, so it should work with 5/16" (8mm) OD tube like Rhino Tube. Of course, it will perform better with 3/8" (10mm) OD tube like Radial High Flow

The key to your improved efficiency with any of Reach-it Radial Brushes is to understand, and use "The Radial Technique" as it is actually your technique that delivers your increased efficiency. Watch this video - "Click Here"

Radial Brush - These brushes are known as 'The Game Changer’ because of the feedback from customers who brag about the increased efficiency, and the hourly rate they have achieved on premium jobs. 

Again, the key is to understand, and use 'The "Radial Technique" as it is actually your technique that delivers the increased efficiency. 

We know this is an expensive brush, however, we also know that you get a return on investment within days of changing to a Radial Brush and with using "The Radial Technique" you will get the maximum efficiency, with full coverage of windows in the least amount of time. For difficult to clean windows use the Radial Rocker.

Radial Rocker - We know that this is also an expensive brush, but not it is not as expensive as labor.  If you can only imagine cleaning windows so much faster, then you can also imagine your hourly rate multiplying. Theres only so much time in a day so why not make more money each hour?

Radial Rocker CanadaRadial Rocker Canada

Rocker Brushes deliver a massive increase in speed on glass when you choose the right Scrub and you adopt "The Radial Technique". Also, including the fact that we incorporated the rinse phase in the down-stroke of the upward agitation. You really do not need to go back and rinse the glass for spot-free results!

The secret in the design is that your water does not pass through any Radial Brushes. Instead, it flows across the top of the bristle blades and cascades down the glass as if the glass is hydrophilic, even it is hydrophobic!  This means the you have a higher volume of rinse water which will ensure that all debris (even spider webs) get flushed off the glass without needing to be ‘chased down the glass’ like the old days.
 Radial Rocker pays for itself in your increased efficiency in a day, or at most, in a week because you clean windows so much faster.

Deep Frame Rocker - This brush is the latest development in our 'HI-TECH REVOLUTION" for Window Cleaning, which meets the needs for cleaning difficult commercial style windows FASTER, BETTER, SAFER... For regularly cleaned commercial windows, we recommend a Radial Brush because it is so much better in the corners. 

Deep Frame Rocker CanadaRocker Pads Canada

This brush is designed for use with any Euro Thread Angle Adaptor or Gooseneck. Using a fixed angle adaptor mount, the operator only cleans windows with an "Up & Down" motion, letting the rocking base pivot to accommodate for the change in angles, ensuring maximum agitation and pressure remains on the glass at all times.

The construction of this brush is aluminum, polyamide and nylon which makes it practically unbreakable in the hands of a normal operator. The smaller block applies more "pressure per square inch" for difficult to remove debris, while the larger block covers more area with each stroke and provides more lateral stability for the pole when working at greater heights.

The bristles remain on the top and bottom of the brush to break the surface tension of the glass, so even hydrophobic glass behaves hydrophilic (the water cascades on the down-stroke).

When purchased on its own, the Deep Frame Rocker comes with 16 SCRUBS (4 styles x 3pcs, 4 styles x 1pc ) with scrape and grab qualities to attack different types of pollutions & debris on the windows.

This bad boy also comes standard with 8 base jets which add water under the brush to increase the ability to pull dirty water off the glass with the bottom bristle blade, resulting in the operator needing less strokes to achieve the desired result.

It is also fitted with a Hydro Blade II & Deep Frame Rocker which places the de-mineralized water where you actually need it, which is in the corners and all the way to the frames on the down-stroke, meaning you have a single action clean, then agitate on the up-stroke and rinse on the down-stroke. 

The Deep Rocker Frame is designed for a flow rate (1/2 to 3/4 GPM or 2-3 LPM) that is the same as a Radial Brush and Rocker Brush, so we highly recommend using HI-FLO Tube (3/8” or 10mm OD) to reduce the tube resistance and maximize the flow rate to the brush. By using a higher flow rate, you can work much faster, ultimately using less water volume per window.

Regarding the operators technique, the Deep Frame Rocker is purely an "Up & Down" brush for "Deep Frame" windows. The rinse bar will wet the top frame, but the water will not run back down the window, and there is rarely a build-up of dirt on the underside of the mullions (at 90 degrees to the glass) compared to low-profile frames which have much more surface parallel to the glass.

Note: If you really need to dig dirt or spider webs out of corners, that's a job for the Radial Rocker.

Solar Rocker - The effectiveness of the scrub is determined by the total surface area and force applied plus which scrub you choose to use. Applying force to solar panels is not the same as to windows as the panels are at an angle, and often you are cleaning from the ground.  

Most Solar Panel Cleaners do not understand ARC (Anti-Reflective Coating) that is on some solar panels. You can recognize this by the "matt" looking surface and that fact that it is not as reflective as plain glass. ARC is a nano-coating that increases the solar gain of a clean solar panel by 4%.  ARC can be easily damaged by overly aggressive brushes or scrubs. This is the reason we released the Silicon Scrubs for the Solar Rocker which is a soft Scrub that has high friction to 'grab' dirt off the solar panels, plus it is self-cleaning, so it will not drag debris across the panel surface. Of course, not all debris can be removed with the Silicon Scrub, so we include other, more aggressive Scrubs in the kit. It is very important to protect the ARC, but the problem is that a dirty solar panel can reduce solar gain by 20-80%, so it is more valuable to the building owner to have clean solar panels, even at the risk of slightly damaging the ARC. 

Solar Panel Brush Solar Panel Cleaning Brush Canada

The Solar Rocker uses a flow rate of 3/4 GPM (3 LPM) as there is always a lot of dirt to pull off the glass, and since the angle of the panel is not vertical, the water does not flow as fast. To help get the dirty water off the panel, we have added 4 "Base Jets" to each side of the brush at the underside of the brush, so there is more water to pull off excessive dirt in the downstroke.

Remember that the pivot on the Solar Rocker is able to be set at a negative angle, and with our HDG Adaptor (included) you can be cleaning panels from the apex of the roof, with your rinse bar on the "high side".

The key to efficiency is reducing the length of distance your brush travels and the amount of force required to effect the change. This is why it is really important to get the agitation and rinse right, and match it to the brush size. There is no point doing 10 strokes with a 12" bristle brush that needs four overlaps to get from one side of the panel to the other, when you could do three sets of 2-3 strokes with a 16.5" Solar Rocker, or two sets of 2-3 strokes with a 22" Solar Rocker  

Remember we need flow rate to make rinse efficient. That is why we designed the Solar Rocker to use a Radial HI-FLO Tube.


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