Reach-it Scrubs - We explain when and how to use them!

Reach-it has recently released a full line of scrubs that you can use with your Radial Rocker, Deep Framer Rocker or Solar Rocker Brushes. Big Shot Supplies has got you covered and you can buy them on there own but the best part is that a variety of them are included with every Rocker Brush that you buy. 

The question is why do you need a scrub? Well, we need them for agitation and there is 3 ways to agitate glass!

  1. You can "Scratch" something off of glass
  2. You can "Scrape" or you can
  3. "Grab" something off glass

When it comes to "Scratching" something off glass this is where nylon bristles work well. However, non-soluble debris cannot be taken off of glass with nylon bristles. When this happens you typically reach into your tool belt and pull out a variety of products such as a white non-scratch pad, magic eraser, steel wool, bronze wool or a blade. They will find something that will either scrape or grab the debris off of the glass. 

So the scrubs are designed to remove the non-soluble items that will not come off with scratching while using your nylon brush. What is really ideal is that you can now remove the unwanted debris in a single action by agitating on the up stroke and rinsing on the down stroke, all while never needing to remove the brush off of the glass. Follow below as we list all of the scrubs available and how examples of how each one will help you clean Better, Faster, Safer!

Rocker Scrubs Canada

 Let's first talk about "Grabbers"

 Magic Eraser - Silicones, and sticker residues have always been impossible for water fed window cleaning but with Magic Eraser, even these can be removed safely. Usually, more agitations are required when dealing with these non-water-soluble pollutants on the glass.

Green Rubber  - This scrub is unique because it is similar to a white non-scratch pad however it can self-flush in the event of a grain of sand being in its path so theres less chance of scratching the window. Most commonly preferred for use with bee poo and removes both the bee poo, and the waxy residue underneath.

Micro Fibre - This scrub is great at ‘grabbing’ dirt, however, being tight knit, it may not flush itself, meaning it can trap debris like grains of sand, and scratch glass. This scrub is ideal for windows that are dirty from petrochemical pollution.  Add a squirt of non-streaking detergent like EBC Glide to the pad to help break down the organic pollutants, and clean the window like normal. You can even downstream EBC Glide onto the window first then brush with the microfibre scrub.

 Now let's talk about "Scrapers"

 White Non-Scratch - White non-scratch material is a proven agitation tool for traditional window cleaners, and it is an obvious evolution to include it for Water Fed.  This is a medium-aggressive scrub to maximize your every-day efficiency. This scrub can actually be used full time on every window you clean if you like to. However, this will increase how often you will have to change it out for a new one.

Blue Metal -  This scrub is ‘sharper’ than Stainless Mesh, with a tight knit ‘blade’ effect because the fine stainless steel strands are tightly woven through a blue polyester fabric. This is a very aggressive scrub to maximize your efficiency

Stainless Steel Mesh - Also know as "The Cheesegrater" because it is designed for ‘scraping’ caked on dirt, artillery fungus, paint overspray, sticker removal, and previously impossible concretions to remove with water fed pole brushes.

This scrub is based on the 'Brillo' scrub used in industrial kitchens plus it is a very fine and sharp blade running parallel to the window, scraping off some of the most difficult debris. 

Stainless Steel Wool & Bronze Wool - These 2 scrubs are a proven agitation tool for traditional and water fed window cleaners. It is an obvious evolution to include these scrubs with your brush.  This is an aggressive scrub is not prone to oxidize (rust), meaning it will last longer on the glass, and not lead to staining. These scrubs are not like soft steel wool as the strands are all parallel to the glass and this is how they act like blades on the glass. These scrubs will maximize your agitation efficiency on very dirty glass

Scrubs for Rockers in Canada 

***Disclaimer*** Remember to always do a test on any windows that you are working on. You can pick a window that will be less commonly used by using your brush & scrub on it and looking for any marks left behind. Or you can pull off the scrub and using your hand you can manually scrub the window which in the really world would be much more aggressive and way more force than any brush would every be capable of. You are the professional and you need to ensure the scrub that you choose will be suitable for the job. 



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