The Art Of Making Hydrophobic Glass Become Hydrophilic

Have you ever heard a window cleaner say that Water Fed Window Cleaning doesn't work? Well, they were probably right! 

The reason they were right is that they probably tried to use pencil jets on Hydrophobic glass which is the type of glass that repels the water. More specific, what it does as it repels the water is that it prevents a person from doing an effective rinse which means that they are going to miss some areas of the glass and they are going to leave unwanted and visible white spots. 

The opposite of Hydrophobic glass is Hydrophilic glass. This is where the water is easily able to cascade while rinsing. Now, if you can get the water to cascade you are going to get a perfect rinse. This is why Reach-it has developed the Hydro-Blade. This will guarantee you a water squeegee effect and a cascading, hydrophilic behaviour even if the windows are hydrophobic. 

HYDROPHOBIC GLASS (Bad): When water breaks up on the glass, leaving beads of water that is prone to leaving spots behind after drying.

HYDROPHILIC GLASS (Good): When the water cascades down the glass and delivers a perfect rinse. The Radial Brushes from Reach-it allow this to happen every time. Guaranteed.


Hydrophobic glass has always been a disaster for water fed window cleaners and is inherently difficult to get a perfect rinse, plus it is very time consuming to properly rinse every square inch of the window. On the other hand, hydrophilic glass is very easy to rinse and keep in mind that hydrophilic glass is often hydrophobic in the 2-3 inches next to the frames. Don't worry, Radial Brushes that are now available in Canada at Big Shot Supplies make all Hydrophobic glass behave Hydrophilic, so it will never affect you again. The water will always cascade down the glass off the top of your Radial Brush. How? The trick is that rinse water does not flow through or inside of the bristle blades like traditional, broom style brushes with outdated and ineffective pencil jets. The bristles on Reach-it Radial Brushes are so close together that they create a barrier for the water to sit on top of while allowing the water to cascade on the downstroke of the hydrophilic glass. The Radial Brush breaks the surface tension of the glass while the bottom blade acts as a squeegee to remove dirty water from the glass. On each down-stroke when cleaning a window, the HYDRO-BLADE delivers jet-streams just above the top bristle blade and will break the surface tension of the glass. The result is that the glass behaves hydrophilic, regardless if the glass is normally hydrophobic. No matter the window type, your rinse water will always cascade down the window. This means less water beads and smaller water beads of water which will result in a spot-free window all while doing the work so much faster. Your rinse is the full width of the brush on the glass, and the down-stroke is the only rinse you need to do. By comparison, the old-fashioned, broom-style brushes that you are probably used to using with pencil jets just let the water fall through the bristles, so the glass still  behaves hydrophobic and you need to take more time to achieve the same result that you can get in half the time with our brushes. The choice is clear to make the switch this year to "The Future Of Window Cleaning" and start working "Better, Faster, Safer"

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Fitted with Hydro Blade II technology, Radial gets the jet streams exactly where you need for the most effective rinse and is exactly what you need to rinse corners, frames, edges, and the body of the window without taking the brush off the glass. The result is a single action clean, where you agitate on the up stroke and rinse on the down stroke. It does not get much better than that. Plus Reach-it has so many other products to compliment their poles and brushes and are likely unlike anything you have seen from any other brands. 

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