20L (5G) Carboy of SH (Bleach) (Pick Up Only)

20L (5G) Carboy of SH (Bleach) (Pick Up Only)

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Deposit Payment Required At Time Of Pick-Up.

This item can be shipped but you will not get your deposit back. No online purchases. Call us to order. 

All containers must be picked up at the same time. We do not have the space to hold onto your product. 

20L (5G) of 12.5 Sodium Hypochlorite (Bleach). This is a "Pick Up" item only. If you order this item and do not pick-up within 24 hours without "letting us know", then your money will be refunded.

There is a $25 dollar deposit fee per drum, the deposit can be refunded once the drum is returned or rolled over to your next order. 

Returned drums must be empty, clean and have the bung included.

There will be a $3.99 dollar charge (from the deposit) if the drum is returned without the bung. 

Weight - 44lbs

Always store in a cool area that is out of direct sunlight as failure to do so will shorten the products life and potency. 

Due to the variation of strength degradation over time and in different storage methods, all chlorine sales are final.

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