Citrus Boost (5 Gallon) - Scent Cover

Citrus Boost (5 Gallon) - Scent Cover

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Citrus Boost Environmentally Friendly Fragrance/Foam Booster 

Description: Save money when you buy in 5 gallon quantity!

Citrus Boost is to be used as a masking agent/fragrance booster and foaming agent for use in cleaning solutions. This product is stable in alkaline based detergents, acid-based detergents as well as in solutions containing sodium hypochlorite.

In addition to its pleasant scent, this product will allow you to use less of your existing detergent by giving a wider coverage area due to its subtle foaming characteristics. Citrus Boost releases an apple scent to mask chlorine odour or add a pleasant scent to your existing products leaving behind a refreshing feeling of clean.

Recommended Ratios:

X-Jet & Down Streaming (Based on a 5gal mix)

  • 2oz 

Proportioner (Based on a 7gal tank)

  • 28oz

Batch Mixing (Based on a 50gal tank) 

  • 4-6oz

**For roof batch mixing double the suggested amount**


Pro Tip: You can always add more scent cover, so start with the recommended ratio and add more if you desire.


Download SDS Sheet