Dragon Clean (Step 2)
Dragon Clean (Step 2)
Dragon Clean (Step 2)
Dragon Clean (Step 2)
Dragon Clean (Step 2)
Dragon Clean (Step 2)

Dragon Clean (Step 2)

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*Due to Transport Canada regulations this product is classified as oversized & dangerous goods it will have additional fees incorporated into shipping charges.*

  • Extreme alkaline fleet wash cleaner. Use just as a cleaner or with Dragon Bright for the 2-step process.
  • Dragon Clean is designed to penetrate through the stubborn road gunk and rinses with a film free finish.
  • Dragon Clean is designed to be used in conjugation with Dragon Bright
  • Makes 55 gallons of Ready-To-Use product (Heavy Mix)

Shelf Life: As long as the drums are sealed and not left to evaporate or freeze or exposed to prolonged excess heat above 110 degrees F, they can be good for as long as 10 years.

Mixing Instructions:
Fill a 55-gallon drum half full with water. Next add both components of
Dragon Clean I. Top mixture off with hot water. Mix thoroughly. Final
dilatations will be determined based on application method and surface

Further Dilution:
Heavy Mix - No further dilution before X-Jetting or Downstreaming
Medium Mix - 1 part water to 2 Parts Ready-To-Use Mix before X-Jetting or Downstreaming
Light Mix - 1 part water to 1 part Ready-To-Use Mix before X-Jetting or Downstreaming

Application Steps

X-Jet Application - Apply Dragon Bright (Step 1) to the entire surface area of what you are cleaning. Let it dwell for 60 seconds and ensure the soap does not dry. Then apply Dragon Clean (Step 2) and let it dwell for 60 seconds and again, ensuring that the soap does not dry. Then, using hot or cold water fully rinse the entire surface. Let dry and see amazing results.

Also available is the 2 Step Cart Application System

Click here for Dragon Bright (Step 1) 

Download SDS Sheet Here

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