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EBC Glide - 1 Gallon

EBC Glide - 1 Gallon

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EBC Glide Glass & Window Cleaner is now available in Canada and is an advanced formula designed for maximum results in minimum time. Super concentrated means you use less soap. Super effective means you clean better and faster. Readily biodegradable surfactants makes EBC Glide Window Cleaner the perfect choice for your window cleaning needs.

Use EBC Glide Window Cleaner as an additive to your existing house wash mix. Simply add EBC Glide at 3-5 ounces per gal of mix and apply along with your standard house wash application, rinse and let air dry. EBC Glide Window Cleaner enhances the shine on exterior windows. Also perfect for individual squeegee work or water fed pole applications. EBC Glide Window Cleaner is the perfect soap for the pressure washing or window cleaning professional.


PRODUCT FEATURES: Superb wetting, with almost no bleeding.

Subtle impact cleaning agents for grease splashes on glass.

Reduced drag.

Makes squeegees glide.

Stays wetter longer.

Will not harm glass, plastics or metals.

Shines metals Smoother razor scrapping; less chance of scratching.

Unique additive for standard house or building wash mix.

Leave windows shinning after rinsing Leaves no haze, even on polymer treated surfaces.

Windows stay cleaner, longer.

Unique formula leaves sparkling shine.

Superior wetting and rinsing.

Super-concentration: less packaging water.

Contains no ammonia or phosphates.

Less end streaking.

Moderate to perfect foam level.