Ground Force - Caustic Degreaser

Ground Force - Caustic Degreaser

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Ground Force is a quality, heavy-duty caustic degreaser and cleaner. It is designed for the heaviest stains and soiled spots on concrete. This solution is for concrete only. Do not use on other surfaces as damage may occur. Be sure to use the proper PPE when using this solution. Ground Force works for any type of grease, but is especially effective on organic grease and oil. Use it on dumpster pads or near greasy exhaust hoods.


The following is a set of instructions for mixing Ground Force. We recommend using a power drill and mixing attachment. Refer to the SDS for safety and health precautions and first aid procedures.
Component 1: Fill 5 gallon container 3/4 of the way with fresh water. Soft water is recommended. While stirring, slowly add the contents of component 1. Continue stirring until contents are fully dissolved.
Component 2: Continue stirring and gradually add the contents of component 2 to the mix container. Mix until contents are completely dissolved.
Component 3: Ensure that components 1 and 2 are fully dissolved before adding component 3. Continue stirring mixture and slowly add component 3 to the bucket.

Final result is a concentrate. Dilute 1:7 or 1:9 for normal uses. For surfaces other than concrete, start with 1:20.

Pro tip: Ground Force is a heavy duty caustic degreaser. Use it on the toughest grease and oil spots. WARNING – for use on concrete only. Be sure to use proper PPE when applying and using this chemical.

Available in:

  • Five gallon mix kit

Download SDS Sheet