Radial Brush
Radial Brush
Radial Brush
Radial Brush
Radial Brush
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Radial Brush

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RADIAL BRUSHES are known as 'The Game Changer’ because of the feedback from customers who brag about the increased efficiency, and the hourly rate they have achieved on premium jobs.  The key is to understand, and use 'The RADIAL TECHNIQUE' (download it here) as it is actually your technique that delivers the increased efficiency.  

We know this is an expensive brush, however, we also know that you get a return on investment within days of changing to RADIAL with The RADIAL TECHNIQUE ensuring you know THE FASTEST WAY to get maximum efficiency with full coverage of windows in the least time.

For difficult to clean windows, use RADIAL ROCKER

We also carry the 14" Radial Hybrid Boars Hair Brush 

The Reach-it Hybrid Boars Hair Brush is the most efficient Hybrid Water Fed brush available in Canada! 

Here is what we know.... Boars hair will not use the tips of the bristles to clean the glass but rather the length of the bristle itself. It will "flip-flop" similar to a paint brush and this will help the bristle grab unwanted debris on the glass very effectively! 

The nylon bristles use the tips to scratch at the glass and the combination of boars hair and nylon bristles creates a window cleaning masterpiece. Be sure to pick up a brush today! 

Connect Reach-iT brush to ANY POLE




INTERLOCKING COMPONENTS:  Made of many components that interlock making it ONE PRODUCT. RADIAL is BOLTED, not glued.

UNMATCHED AGITATION: The bristles are in the right place for cleaning frames, edges, corners, and windows. 

HIGHEST QUALITY ANODIZED ALUMINUM BLOCK: Built on a 12" and 16" block, with 14" and 18" splay of bristle, RADIAL is the highest technology in Window Cleaning Brushes.

HIGHEST QUALITY NYLON BRISTLES: RADIAL bristles will NOT DISTORT in temperatures as high as 60º

BLADE OF BRISTLES: 100% coverage of the window surface with every single stroke


FITTED WITH HYDRO-BLADE II+: Making it possible to bend the water exactly where you need it

PIVOT: Designed to NEVER FAIL!! Giving you UNLIMITED ANGLES of ATTACK, including negative angles for cleaning windows below the waist. 

BASE JETS: Included for self-fitting : 'blank' BASE JETS (included in the kit), so that you can add water under the brush for a more effective downstroke. The BASE BLADE acts like a SQUEEGEE.

DESIGNED FOR HI-FLO TUBING:  ROCKER is designed for 10mm OD tubing, increasing the flowrate during the rinse function (you rinse as you agitate with the brush on the glass - there is no second rinse action).  This means you can use MUCH LESS TIME, and ultimately LESS WATER VOLUME.

ARCED BRISTLES FOR CORNERS:  The 'arc' of bristles in the endcaps, are designed to be 'rolled' through the corners to dig out spider webs, nests,  and debris with ease - the hardest aspect of water fed window cleaning (corners) is now solved with great efficiency for the Operator.

FITTING TO OTHER POLES: If you have an IONICS, GARDINER, OVA8, or TUCKER Angle Adaptor (you can buy these for use with UNGER) - the teeth pattern on RADIAL PIVOT is the same as the teeth pattern - just undo the lever bolt and swap the right side of the adaptor to PIVOT. 



RADIAL is a ‘triple trim’ brush meaning there are three levels of bristle engagement with the glass.  The more you compress the brush, the more active each blade of bristles become, until you contact the center bristle blades on the glass (ideal for breaking up debris like seagull poop) - at which point, the other two bristle blades are at OPTIMIZED WORKING ANGLES on the glass for maximum AGITATION, meaning LESS STROKES are required to effect a clean!   RADIAL BRUSH uses the highest quality of nylon bristle blade to work with hot water up to 60 degrees hot water without distorting. 

Fitted with HYDRO-BLADE II+ technology,  RADIAL gets the jet streams exactly where you need for the most effective rinse, exactly where you need it to rinse corners, frames, edges, and the body of the window WITHOUT TAKING THE BRUSH OFF THE GLASS.  The result is a SINGLE ACTION CLEAN.  AGITATE on the UP-STROKE, RINSE on the DOWN-STROKE.

Whilst RADIAL BRUSH is the TOOL THAT CLEANS THE GLASS, it would not be possible without PIVOT - a perfect and flawless swivel joint that facilitates the rotation of RADIAL to an optimum angle at any time, with a small twist of your REACH-iT POLE.  By angling RADIAL correctly, you can keep the area above your agitation (eg top frame) dry, so there is no dirt in your rinse water.  With the same angle, you can place the radial bristles perfectly in the corner of the window frame and agitate out even the most obstinate spiders' nests. PIVOT has unlimited angles of attack, including negative angles for cleaning windows 'below the waist’.  PIVOT is designed to never wear, never get sloppy, and therefore to NEVER FAIL.  It will be delivered to you at a set tension, however, we also supply the tool so you can set the tension as you like it, from time to time.

RADIAL BRISTLES are a ‘BLADE OF BRISTLES’ with 100% coverage of the window surface in every single stroke. This means ONE STROKE is POSSIBLE to effect a clean!  What is more amazing is that the TOP BRISTLE BLADE turns any HYDROPHOBIC GLASS to behave HYDROPHILIC - water ALWAYS CASCADES on ALL GLASS on the RADIAL DOWN-STROKE.  This is how we can GUARANTEE that you can CLEAN WINDOWS IN A SINGLE ACTION!

Included in your RADIAL kit, are ‘blank’ BASE JETS, and in your tool kit are BASE JETS so, if you have enough FLOW-RATE and /or PRESSURE, you can add water under the brush for a more effective DOWN-STROKE (the base blade of the brush acts like a squeegee to take the dirty water off the glass, leaving the top blade, with HYDRO-BLADE II+ to create a WATER SQUEEGEE EFFECT over and past the extremities of the bristles, even when they are compressed against the window.

There is so much to explain about RADIAL and The RADIAL TECHNIQUE - be assured  : With RADIAL BRUSH, you will be cleaning windows so much, so much very FASTER, BETTER, SAFER - more than you can imagine.




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