Water Dragon Booster Pump Skid - 3/4 HP
Water Dragon Booster Pump Skid - 3/4 HP
Water Dragon Booster Pump Skid - 3/4 HP

Water Dragon Booster Pump Skid - 3/4 HP

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  • Heavy Duty diamond plate aluminum 40" x 44" mini skid
  • Gould's Booster Pump – 5-7gpm 3/4 HP 115/230v 1 phase!
  • Corrosion resistant polypropylene Banjo Cam Lock quick connects
  • Dual 55 gal tanks (bulk bleach storage and water supply)
  • 7 gal soap tank
  • Exclusive ProPortioner—eliminating the need to ever batch mix again!!
  • Exclusive ProSwitch - shuts the pump down when not in use
  • 250' 1/2" Kuri Tech chemical line
  • Plastic body chemical applicator gun with Viton seals
  • 4 nozzle holder with complete set of nozzles
  • Two 12" Full Frame reels w/ Stainless Steel plumbing (garden hose & chemical hose)
  • Custom aluminum hose reel platform
  • Hudson float valve with garden hose fittings
  • Slotted PVC inlet filters for each of 3 tanks
  • Exclusive Pro-Switch Standard!!!!

"The built in Pro Switch on the Booster Pump will turn off the pump when you let off the trigger and the 3/4 HP pump builds a pressure of 180 PSI which is important to ensure your pump does not over cycle and burn out."


  • 49" Tall
  • 49" Wide (Looking straight at it)
  • 44" Deep
  • When you add the handles on the hose reels the overall left to right measurement is: 60"
  • Empty - 400lbs
  • Full - 1450lbs

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