Apple Wash in Canada

What’s that pink stuff? The Advantages of Soft-Washing with Apple Wash in Canada.

Are you looking for a single product that will show your customers and their neighbours that you are the real deal? Well, it's time to start slinging that pink stuff! Apple Wash from Big Shot Supplies is the answer to your soft washing surfactant needs.

What is Apple Wash?

Apple Wash is the industry standard soap for soft washing. Apple Wash uses a marker dye, a specially formulated surfactant and a pleasant apple scent to create a soft washing soap that is guaranteed to make your company the talk of the neighbourhood! Why? From the moment you start applying the Apple Wash to houses, heads turn. The nasty, grimy siding that was once green turns bright pink. The neighbourhood starts to smell like fresh apple juice, and over the next 1-3 minutes the dye fades and all that’s left behind is a soapy ready to be clean surface! A quick rinse with low-pressure water and that siding is cleaner than the day it was installed! 

 How does Apple Wash pay for itself?

The million-dollar question? How does this soap pay for itself? We have all made the same mistake before. You apply your soap to the side of the building, and thought you covered everything. Then the dreaded missed spot appears while you're rinsing. With Apple Wash, don't miss a spot again because of the bright pink dye, in real-time, you can see exactly where you have applied your soap. This pink dye makes things extremely easy for an owner-operator, however, the largest benefit comes from the added ease of training new employees. That’s not all, as mentioned before Apple Wash is a head-turner. Every neighbour is going to want to know what that pink stuff was. Furthermore upon closer inspection they will want to have their house that clean as well! Think about the Jones effect. Now of course your client is going to be raving about your service, how easy it was, how professional you were, why soft washing is so amazing and this is where your phone will be ringing off the hook as the neighbours will want that pink stuff! 

I Love it, how do I apply it?

As with all soft wash surfactants it needs to be used in conjunction with Sodium Hypochlorite. Apple Wash is best suited for a Proportioner system, as when it is mixed with bleach the dye fades in about 1-3 minutes depending on the strength.

Another option, though not the best practice, is to use the dual barb injector with a metering valve. This option allows you to mix your apple wash with your bleach during the downstream injection process and keep the dye active during application.

The final option that still provides a great soap and a great scent cover is to batch mix your Apple Wash, however it must be noted that with this process the dye will dissipate and not appear upon application.

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