Why Did You Start Your Pressure Washing Business? 

Too many of us started our pressure washing business without clearly defining our why.  We need to begin with the end in mind and reverse engineer what we want to get out of  our businesses. Too many home service owners get stuck being a slave in their own business that they created. This is messed up. This happens because they do not clearly define what they want from their business.  

We need to ask ourselves, “Why did you start your business in the first place?  What do you hope it will provide you?” More time and more money is not a clear enough answer. We need to be crystal clear on what we want. 

A lot of service business owners say they need to get their business to $5,000,000 and then they will be happy and successful. This is not true if the business is not profitable and if the owner does not enjoy his or her day to day activities. You need to figure out the money you want to make from your business, your time involvement, and your value  you will contribute to it. You need to ask yourself “What lifestyle do I want my business  to give me?” 

There is a chance you don’t want the biggest business, but that you actually want the most OPTIMIZED business. What do I mean by that? 

Well would you rather have a $5M business at 5% profit ($250,000) or have a robust,  profitable business doing $1,300,000 at 20% ($260,000). As you can see in the example, the bigger business (4X the size) does not mean a more profitable business. I coach my clients to get what THEY want out of their business. 

We think we need a big business because that’s what society says is “success”. You need to look inside yourself and see what you want from your business.  

What is your vision for what it looks like in 3 years? Why is that the case? How many  hours do you want to be working? Do you want to have some time off so you can attend big life events in your kid’s lives? 

These are the questions we need to be asking. Once you have a clear vision of what  you want your business to be, you can begin to assemble your team. 

Building a sustainable, systematized, and profitable business does not happen over  night. There is no overnight success. Building a business is a marathon and takes hard work. The work is much more enjoyable if you know where you are going. That can only be done if you begin with the end in mind.  

I wish you nothing but success as you grow your business this next season in 2021.  

-David Moerman  

Home Service Business Coach 

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