Christmas Light Preorder for 2023

Big Shot Supplies Canada is currently running a pre sale which is the best time to purchase and save. See below for essential dates and deadlines. 

1st payment of 30% before March, 1, 2023
2nd payment of 30% will be due by June, 1, 2023
3rd and final payment of the remaining 40% will be due September, 2023 and at this time you will need to pay the taxes and shipping to your location (Free local pickup in Langley, B.C.)

Once your final payment is received we will have your order ready to be shipped or picked up by September 15th and just in time for you to start installing.

  • Payments can be made all at once or ahead of schedule.
  • Non-refundable deposits.
  • Minimum order value is $5000 pre-tax. Orders below this minimum will need to be added to or they will be returned.

Check out our catalog for description on the products we offer!

Not sure what products you would benefit from? Have a look at our suggested products and quantities based on your budget:

Please open and make a copy of this spreadsheet, filling out the desired QTY's and download the form as a .csv file. Then submit the file along with your information using the form below.