Prism Window Cleaning Glasses
Prism Window Cleaning Glasses
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Prism Window Cleaning Glasses

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Have you ever experienced tension headaches?

Do you get a stiff neck from looking up?

Do you find yourself standing further away from a building to reduce the angle that you are looking up at?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this is your body saying that 'sustained craning' of the neck is NOT OK.

Window Cleaning work related injuries are often AVOIDABLE. We can wear sunscreen to reduce sun damage to our skin. We can use Water-Fed Poles to save our knees, instead of climbing ladders. AND, we can wear PRISMS to avoid injury from an unnatural posture. The opposite of ergonomic is... UNCOMFORTABLE. The trapezius contracts, and with over use, can reduce blood supply to the brain causing tension headaches.

If you're not experiencing any discomfort when looking up, it doesn't mean that you're not doing damage. Often times, this type of injury can take a long time to manifest, the same as knee damage from climbing ladders. So, if you're not experiencing pain now... it's just a matter of time. And, PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN FINDING A CURE!!

A lot of people experience a feeling similar to car sickness when they first try wearing prisms. This is completely normal. However, after 1-4 hours of use, your brain will become so accustomed, you won't want to work without them!!


Prisms were originally created for the rock climbing industry so that climbers didn't have to strain their necks looking up. We brought them to our industry so window cleaners could experience the same benefits. 

PRISMS alleviate this risk 100% - it's as easy as looking straight ahead, to see straight up!

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