Whisper Wash - Aqua Pro 24"

Whisper Wash - Aqua Pro 24"

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The Aqua Pro 24” Surface Cleaner is the Hover Cover version of the Ground Force. The smooth floating action of our Hover Cover design provides you with quick and easy maneuverability. The cover and handle are constructed from airplane grade aluminum and powder coated. The heavy duty nylon brush helps eliminate overspray. The Flip–N–Fold handle design allows the unit to collapse for easy transport and storage.

The signature Whisper Wash machined and balanced spray bar rotates underneath, providing the pressure cleaning force your operation requires. The Signature Whisper Wash Swivel with two self-lubricating twin thrust bearings provide the power to utilize either a two or four tip spray bar & eliminates zebra striping.

When you utilize the cleaning force behind the Aqua Pro, you can be assured that your operation is backed by the industry standard in flat surface cleaning. Built to standards only maintained by Whisper Wash, the Aqua Pro gives your operation the power to pressure clean!



  • Quick Connection

  • Trigger Gun Controlled

  • Flip–N–Fold Powder Coated Handle

  • 24” Aluminum Powder Coated Cover

  • Heavy Duty Nylon Brush

  • Balanced & Machined Spray Bar

  • Heavy Duty Nylon Brush

  • Hot or Cold Water Applications 


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