Moss Remover Powder

Moss Remover Powder

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This is a 20kg bucket of Moss Remover that you mix with water to use as an alternative to SH when roof washing. Some additional details below and have a read of our blog post which explains more detailed information. Click Here


  1. Put on rubber gloves and eye protection.
  2. Pour desired amount of powder into a clean & dry 5-gallon bucket. 
  3. Have a hose with a shut off on one end. This will give you the ability to stop the water when you need to.
  4. Get a drill and set it to a low gear mode, attach a paint or cement mixer attachment for easy mixing. You can also mix with a stick or stirring tool, but the process will be considerably harder and take longer.
  5. Stick the hose into the bucket of measured powder and begin mixing right when the water touches the powder. **The first mix is the most important as you need to make sure all the powder gets agitated. If you do not mix right away, you will end up with clumps that wont dissolve.
  6. Fill the bucket as you agitate your mix until the water level gets near the top of your bucket. Do not over fill as it will make it hard to pour. 
  7. Pour off the top amount of white fluid into your mix tank, do not mind the foam that is created on the first mix, that will dissolve in your tank.
  8.  Stop pouring when you only have the powder and a small amount of water left. Do not pour any powder granules in the mix tank as they will not dissolve well. 
  9. Repeat this process until there is no more powder left in the bucket. About 4-8 times. If there are any clumps or any powder left at the end, dump it out as it will not dissolve any further.
  10. Add 1 gallon of oxygen bleach to the mix. This will allow you to give a 2-year moss free warrant instead of a 1 year with just the powder.
  11. Fill the rest of your tank with water until the tank is between 45 to 50 gallons.
  12. Apply the mix onto the roof using a roof using your pump of choice and a 25 degree tip. It will foam bright white and look like snow, which will make it easy to see where you spray. Cover the roof with an even layer, starting from the bottom and working to the top.
  13. Have a ground person keep the gutters wet to avoid striping them. If this happens just evenly brush Gutter Butter on them to restore them back to new. 

Download SDS Sheet Here

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